Your Dream Job a’ Calling?

The International Career Employment Weekly is a great source of international NGO job dreams, most of them right here in Washington DC. If you subscribe, you’ll also get their irregular email alerts for high-need jobs.

Usually, its for jobs or places I have no care about, but the title of this one hit a chord:

Peace Corps: Country Directors

Now I could day dream about being a Peace Corps director for an entire slow August day. Think about it. Tropical little island in the Pacific, somewhere loved by phlebotomists, and populated with exotic supermodels.

Yes, I know, there would be wave after wave to do-gooding young whippier-snappers, but that’s what outlying atolls are for. Me, I’d be surfing every morning, sipping margaritas every evening.

What would be your slow day in August dream job? If, like me, it’s a Peace Corps Country Director, then Michael Mikolaitis, Overseas Executive Selection and Support down at Peace Corps HQ at L and 20th Street, NW is your man.

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