GW Law Student ISO Housing

This is my cousin, Jose Manuel, or as I call him, “the Hottest man in Juarez” after we went bar hopping South of the Border a while back.

Now he’s no longer bar hopping, he’s couch-surfing with me. Arriving Monday for the start of his first year at GW Law he’s looking to find shared accommodation convenient to the law school at 21st and H Streets.

Before he goes from cool cousin to pain in my ass, I need to get him from couch-surfing cousin to rent paying housemate. From my apartment-hunting days, I’ve sent him to Craigslist, the excellent Housing Maps (a Craigslist/Google mash-up) and the Washington City Paper classifieds.

Anywhere else he should look for a room to rent?

Also, do us both a favor, ask around. I know you know someone who needs a housemate. A respectful, clean, serious housemate who needs to get off my couch asap. I need not lose my supermodels to my younger cousin!

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