DC Hack Inspector Strikes Again!

How’s that for a sight never seen before: A DC Hack Inspector giving a taxi driver a ticket.

Yeah, I didn’t know we had hack inspectors either, definitely not by the way DC taxi drivers try to cheat us every damn trip or gouge the tourists mercilessly. But we do.

Six even, apparently. I talked with D.C. Walters, Hack Inspector, for a good 30 minutes on his job and the city’s taxi system. Here’s a few tips I learned:

  1. If you think you’ve been cheated, and its 9-5 M-F, call the Taxi Commission Hotline – they’ll send a hack inspector to investigate.
  2. If you’re think the ride is too much other times, cal the cops. They’ll care, I’m sure.
  3. There are supposed to be a dozen hack inspectors, but due to past budget cuts, there are only six now.
  4. The Taxi Cab Commission is supposed to increase the number of hack inspectors to 16.. soon
  5. DC hack inspectors have no comment on the zone system, no matter how hard you try to get them to come out for or against it.
  6. Taxis can get tickets from hack inspectors for sitting at a designated taxi stand – if its rush hour and there are no standing/no parking signs

Oh, just in case you’re in need, Inspector Walters can be reached on 202.210.7465 during normal business hours.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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