It’s raining IN the bus!

This is the S1 Bus scene on a rainy morning – filled to capacity with wet riders.

What you can’t see is the hole in the roof just past the back door where the emergency roof exit is missing its cover, flooding the back seats with pouring rain.

What you can’t hear is the driver still asking folks to move back past the back door, or the angry responses that the bus is full.

What I ask now is why drivers seem to think that they should pack more and more people in the bus when it’s already full? Is there a rule that says a driver must accept new passengers at bus stops? I think not by the number of times full buses speed past the hapless on lower 16th Streets if a stop is not requested.

Then, Miss S1 Bus Driver, stop telling us to move back. Get a spine, tell riders trying to board that the bus is full. Full of wet passengers and wetter rain.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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