My Endorsement: Adrian Fenty for Mayor

Being one who usually shies well away from politics, especially local politics, let me be the first MBDC writer to endorse a mayoral candidate. And let me have the best reason too.

I advocate voting for Adrian Fenty because of Fleet Feet in Adams Morgan.

Fleet Feet is the best shoe store I’ve found in Washington DC.

Moments after you walk in, even on a super busy Saturday morning in the spring, you are greeted and asked if you need any help. If you say no, you are left alone to browse or buy.

If yes, you are attended on then and there, or if crazy busy, politely asked to wait a second. Never do you get the surly big store sales person or the Foot Locker over sell. Fleet Feet also sells swim goggles, needed for my triathlons, and you can try test pairs on before you buy.

Why does Fleet Feet matter? After eight years of buy shoes from Fleet Feet, which just happens to be my neighbourhood shoes store too, I say whoever is affiliated with it knows how to treat customers, and voters, right.

And Fleet Feet is run by Adrian’s parents and Adrian worked there growing up. He knows people and he’s not afraid to get down at the sweaty, dusty end of them and find a good fit.

And in this age of TV politics, I don’t believe a word the candidates say pre-election. I look to their pre-politics roots to find out who they are. Fenty comes from a working family, and he’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves.

Add to that the poor choices we have. Cropp, a politician so long, you have to look at her record and ask: what was she doing in the Barry days? Johns, she’s a Verizon stooge, and I have no love for unresponsive monopolies.

The choice is clear: I say Adrian Fenty for Mayor.

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