Mike McMenamin – Hire a Better Photographer

When I came back inside after getting my newspaper this morning, I found a political advertisement lodged in my door handle. Upon unrolling it, I first noticed the name Mike McMenamin, who is running for the county board. The second thing I noticed was that in the picture of him and his family, he is the only one not looking at the camera:


He also seems a bit disinterested. I don’t think Mike is all there.

I don’t know if he saw a squirrel, was making mental notes about turnip farming or maybe just didn’t know where to look, but you’d think that someone running for office could get a decent photographer to do the job right. I don’t know much about this guy other than the rash of good things he has said about himself in his literature, but personally I would rather elect someone who can follow a photographer’s simple directions to look at the camera.

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Carl Weaver is a writer and brewer for RealHomebrew.com and has been making beer and wine for more than 20 years. He is also an avid photographer and writer and just finished his first book, about a trip he took to Thailand to live in Buddhist monasteries. He considers himself the last of the Renaissance men and the luckiest darned guy in the world. Follow him on Twitter.

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