“Four Eyed Monsters” Coming to DC? Only You Can Make it Happen!

Four-Eyed Monsters” may be coming to a theatre near us if we vote for it. Basically, movie directors Arin Crumley and Susan Buice have made the promise that if at least 150 people from a particular metro area request that the film be screened, they will make it happen. So far the count in the DC area is up to 171, but we still lag behind other cities such as Seattle and Austin. So why try to bump it up if it’s already there? Well, I am guessing that if there are more requests iin a particular area, that area may get higher on their list.

Over thinking it? Probably.

So what is “Four Eyed Monsters?” Arin and Susan describe it best on their web site:

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A girl and a guy make a rule to meet up and not speak to each other. They have sex while still never having spoken! Instead they use notes, pics, music and videos get to know each other and slowly start to meld into one beast that has 2 mouths, 4 eyes and 8 limbs and takes up 2 seats on the subway!!! How long can their relationship survive as an art project??? And by the way, all of this really happened…

Something unique about this film is that it has been advertised almost solely over the Internet, using sites such as MySpace and other venues to publish the movie’s video podcast. The reaction to the podcasts has stirred quite a bit of interest and a strong fan base for the upcoming release, scheduled in various cities across the country now.

What’s not to love about art, sex and not talking to each other? Go request it today and let’s make this happen.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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