White House Bollards Test

While the Capitol Building bollards apparently can’t stop a SUV, the bollards around the White House should be able to keep even delivery trucks at bay.

How do I know? This amazing delivery truck vs. bollard You Tube video submitted by alert reader Web Jedi when he read about yesterday’s Capitol Building SUV attack.

While the bollards in the video aren’t exactly the same as the ones around the White House, they look the same and I would assume that would work the same.

Still, I could see one simple way around the bollards: a vehicle slingshot over the bollards.

Note how the delivery truck’s cargo flies out over the cab in the video. Now put a bomb delivery vehicle, or just the bomb itself, on rails in the cargo hold and with enough truck speed and cargo mass, you have a great airborne launch for your bomb SUV.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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