Supercade = Super Sexy!

Do you listen or watch when a live band plays in a space as tight at the Velvet Lounge?

As a visual person, I watch. And Saturday night, it was a feast. Up on stage was Supercade a funky cool band fronted by Devon Randolph.

While my crew said her voice was Natalie Merchant-esque, when they could hear it over the too-loud cymbals, I wasn’t pinned in the back of the upstairs venue like they were.

No, I was upfront and drooling. Devon’s smoking hot lace-trimmed plaid miniskirt outfit was so naughty but nice I could overlook the Velvet Lounge’s acoustics.

I could even forget to grab a free post-gig CD, which hip-hop-MC-turned-indierock Supercade guitarist Tony Blankenship keeps trying to send me.

No need, Tony. I got my gig swag already. Seared into my brain.

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