Tax That Tom!

While Tom never skips the opportunity to bitch about taxes, especially his perception that DC taxes are what keep him from living in the District, I never miss the opportunity to call “bullshit” on his whining.

Today, I even have backup in my contention that his grievances are groundless. While I still contend that taxes in DC, VA, and MD are very similar, the DC Fiscal Policy Institute just published a new report that says:

The common perception is that DC residents pay the highest taxes in the region. This analysis shows that after three years of substantial income and property tax cuts, taxes on middle-income DC households are now lower than in either suburban Maryland or Virginia.

And before folks say its different if you own a home – Tom’s constant contention – or have kids, they even have handy graphs of different income levels, renters & homeowners, and even family size.

My favorite? This beauty that captures my big ear-to-ear Cheshire Cat grin:

Thanks WashPost!

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