Best Vietnamese Anything in the DC Area

For those who have not visited the Eden Center shopping plaza at Seven Corners in Falls Church, you are missing out. The shopping center, at the corner of Wilson Blvd. and Route 7, boasts restaurants, gift shops, video stores, jewelers, a tofu shop and more. People who live near various ethnic neighborhoods may be thinking, “So what? I have my choice of 50 authentic restaurants within walking distance. What’s the big deal?”

The big deal is that the Eden Center is not just another marketplace but has the best of everything with one parking lot and easy access to all. The fact of having one good restaurant, like the award-winning Huong Que (Four Sisters), requires all the others to step up and provide the same level of quality. This is evident as you stroll by the windows and see one after another displaying write-ups in various newspapers and different awards they have won.

A real gem of the shopping center, though, is the Eden Market, which is one of the largest Vietnamese markets I have seen in the area. My test for which Asian market to shop at has to do with availability of ingredients. I look for one particular type of fruit that is particularly tasty and fragrant to those of us who have acquired the taste but disgusting and stinky to those who have not. This market passed the test, having both fresh and frozen durian – the king of fruits. Eden Market is the real deal.

If you have not been there, definitely go check it out. The shopping center is just a mile from the East Falls Church metro and is on a few bus lines as well, so ease of access is not a problem. You will find a treasure trove of super shopping and delightful dining for any taste.

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