Flag Corps To the Rescue

Remember last week when a crack addict crashed his SUV through the Capitol Building security perimeter and then ran into the Capitol Building? Well its seems he wasn’t actually caught by the Capitol Police.

Carlos Greene was caught by the Flag Corps.

Yes, you read that right, those high school rejects, they weren’t even cool at band camp, are the heroes of the day. To quote the Washington Post:

Greene burst into the Flag Office and grabbed the supervisor, Karen Livingston, demanding to know how he could get out. She broke away and a burly male co-worker corralled the intruder. Capitol Police arrived seconds later and made the arrest.

Wow! So a police force the size of Cleveland’s, with 1,600 officers, had to rely on Flag Corps basement workers to protect the Captiol.

I feel safer already.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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