I’ve never played around with infrared photography (and probably never will), but every once in a while I see a shot that looks amazing. The usual effect of taking an infrared shot is that the trees and grass turn white and it looks like you just stepped through the wrong peep hole in wonderland (time to lay off the acid). You can of course achieve this same effect using the magic wizardry of Photoshop, but it’s never quite the same in my opinion.

The composition and exposure of this shot are amazing and will give each viewer a different emotion or feeling I’m sure. For me, I feel like I’m watching a David Lynch movie and that there might be a severed ear hiding in one of the bushes. Cue the Radiohead and start floating across the sky. Maybe it’s just Monday and the new Zero 7 CD is putting me in one of those moods….

Anyway, nice work Mr Speedy Delivery. May the shrooms be with you.

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