Not What It Looks Like

The caption to this photo was going to be something cheeky about how DC MPD can arrogantly park in front of fire hydrants, while if us mere residents did, we’d get tickets.

I was gonna say that even in my most crazy parking days, when I would wedge my car into a spot with 24 bummer taps, or park with a wheel on the curb to make a space, I never, ever would block a fire hydrant. It just isn’t cool or right.

Then as I took this photo and started to compose a post on my joe-cool Nokia 6682, up came a DC MPD Sergeant who asked me what was wrong – why I was taking a photo of the cop car?

When I explained that I was taking a photo because the police cruiser was parked in front of the fire hydrant, an amazing thing happened. The sergeant got mad.

Not at me, but at the poor-parking officer. The sergeant immediately went about tracking the officer down. As I walked away, a shocked and embarrassed policeman passed me at a trot, his Ben’s Chilli Bowl half-smoke half-eaten and dripping sauce as he ran.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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