Calling the Mayor for Life

Last night, when re-telling the tale of the Metroblogging DC vs. DCist trivia fight, I asked the usual crowd-stumper: What is Mayor for Life, Marion S. Barry Jr.’s middle name?

As usual, no one knew it was “Shepilov “. Challenged by fools doubting me, I Googled “marion barry dc” and got this interesting result:

Phonebook results for marion barry dc
Marion Barry (202) 678-3682 2654 Douglas Pl SE, Washington, DC 20020 Map

Of couse the first thing I did was dial his number. Who better than Barry himself to check the anti-Shepilov crowd? Well, when he gets his phone turned back on.

“We’re sorry. The number you tried to dial is no longer in service. Please check your number and try again.”


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