Go get your flu shot.

I’m gonna forgoe my usual cutsey headline this time and be straight to the point. The Fed says there’s plenty of flu vaccine for everyone these year, for the first time in a while. So go get the shot. The flu kills a bunch of people 36,000 people in the US every year, and while they are primarily the very old or very young – and you may be neither – there’s still two excellent reasons to get the shot anyway.

One, having the flu sucks. It hurts and is no fun, uses up time off work that would be better served playing hooky with your loved one on a beautiful day, and leaves those of us who did get the shot at the office taking up your slack. Or worse, giving all your cow orkers your bug because you’re too goddamned type-A to stay home.

Which brings us to Two, every person who gets the bug because they didn’t get the shot is one more potential vector to pass on the virus to those old and young people who are gonna croak from it. This is a definite example of “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” In the words of my hero, John McClane, quit being a part of the f***ing problem!

The excellent website Find a Flu Shot will help you find a location and time near you.

Personally I’m gonna angle for the Costco since they’re nice and cheap at $18, but there’s a lot of sites to choose from. If anyone’s got information on free or reduced cost shots you can email me or post them in a comment here. I’ll try to highlight any best-of suggestions. That Costco poster claims that if you have Medicare Part B and no HMO coverage they’ll even bill for you, which I assume means you walk out without paying a dime. Can someone back that up?

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