NoVA Taxi Service Needed!

I’m headed to the Mount Vernon Fall Wine Festival and while they offer several ways to get there, including by Metro and by boat(!), in this yucky rain, I’d rather take a taxi there.

In DC, I would just hail a cab on the street, cabs being plentiful even if driven by psycho taxi drivers. Out in the wilds of suburbia at the Braddock Road Metro exit, I don’t think I will be as lucky.

Here’s where I need your help, NoVA Metroblogging DC readers: What taxi company do you find responds the fastest and offers the best service in south Arlington County? I want to call one to be waiting for me at the Metro exit and retrive me from Mt. Vernon.

As for the Zip/Flex car proponents who will chime it, the copious amounts of fermented grapes I shall consume preclude any motorized vehicles operation.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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