Merlot and Marriage at Mt Vernon

This weekend is the Mt. Vernon Wine Festival, and if you are a wine lover, this is your weekend to booze it up.

There are wine samples from many of the areas wineries and tasty treats from Marvelous Market to cleanse the palate between Merlots and Cabernet Francs.

But if you are like me, a hard-core wine drunkard connoisseur, you will be disappointed. Wine is not served by the glass, only by the sip. I guess they expect you to get a good buzz taste from just one swallow.

I got real smart, real fast and only stood in line for the wineries that gave out a decent pour. I am a Fox and Hounds regular, you know.

The wine sipping apparently was enough to make other folks get crazy. See this unassuming couple here – not George and Martha Washington, but the youngin’s.

See that big-ass smile on the girl’s face and George’s shock? Well, Patagucci-boy just gave Martha a box to hold and seconds later (after I was told to stop photographing) he dropped to one knee.

Yes, there was a marriage proposal at the Mt. Vernon Wine Festival. A sweet, romantic, wet, and cold moment of love.

My contribution? As I followed a supermodel up the stairs, George W. asked me: “Will you be next, dear sir?” My instant reply: “Hell no!”

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