Petco – Where the Cars Go

I had occasion to visit my friendly neighborhood Petco yesterday on Washington Blvd. in Arlington. When I pulled into the two-car parking lot I saw this:


(Yes, that’s my car in the picture. No, I didn’t do the damage and then create this post to make people think it was someone else.)

I was a little alarmed because it looked like an old collision that simply had not been repaired. Then I wondered how this had happened and decided that somebody had pulled in, as I did, expecting there to be more than two spots in the lot, hit a car and pushed it into the building. Either that or else somebody’s brakes gave out or maybe the car was in drive rather than reverse. Who knows… At any rate, you’d think the store would want to improve appearances, unless they are simply keeping this branch alive until the building collapses. I think that time may not be too far off at this rate.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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