Sitting at the bar of the Boulevard Woodgrill in Clarendon is one of my favorite lunchtime activities. Billy, the bartender, was standing at the door when the unmistakable scream of fighter jets scorched my hearing. There they were, in formation, The Blue Angels (warning, sound on their site) streaking across the sky.

So close to yesterday’s tragedy in New York, it was a bit tough to take, but the incredible acrobatics those guys can do are just astounding.

While typing this entry, I’ve heard from friends in DC, in Maryland, asking me if I knew why there were fighter jets over DC. The opening of the Air Force Memorial is this weekend, look for more coverage from us in the coming hours.

[Update: I said the Blue Angels, but it appears that it’s actually The Thunderbirds, as I saw them again on the way up to the “office” from Clarendon, it was clear they were F-16s and not the F/A-18s that the Blue Angels use. Makes more sense that the Air Force Acrobatics group would be up instead of the Navy’s]

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