Jonny Goldstein and Reinventing Television

DC-area resident Jonny Goldstein has taken on a new challenge. He is hosting a new talk show called Reinventing Television, which focuses on the changing landscape of television and Internet video, where they merge and diverge and how they impact each other. Each week Jonny, a longtime Internet video guru himself, has a guest who shares his or her own vision of where this new, quickly changing medium is going.

Last night’s guest was Bre Pettis, a videoblogger and the public face of Make Magazine online. Bre’s videos for Make are projects he constructs and then teaches his viewing audience how to make themselves. These have ranged from a wrist-worn bat detector to a robot that draws pictures. The emphasis is not on taking giant steps and building everything you need, but more for the amateur hobbyist who enjoys building his or her own devices and learning how things work.

Go check out Reinventing Television. It is on every Thursday evening from 10-11 p.m. at Jonny is a first-class host with first-class guests. And the best part: audience participation is always welcome, so you can give your two cents worth and join in a conversation with all the other people there.

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