Maid Service Needed

My housemate and I are clean guys, much cleaner than other guys, and even cleaner than a lot of Washington women. We like to keep our place tidy, with regular dusting, moping, and washing. Well, when we have the time.

Lately, neither of us have the time, and while our place is still sterile by other’s judgment, we’re thinking of getting a maid service: someone to clean the common areas – kitchen, living room, bathroom – with a good scrubbing once a month.

My housemate and I can clean our own dishes, and our own rooms, and we’d be happy to buy cleaning supplies. The question is: who to hire?

Do you have a cleaning service you can recommend? One that will not charge us more, thinking we’re keg-party dirty. One that we might trust with keys, so they can clean when we’re not home?

Recommendations are welcome, and as my housemate is fluent in Spanish and I in Spanglish, language isn’t a problem. Nor is looks, the cleaner not need to be a French maid, though, a male sissy maid (borderline safe for work link) might be a strech.

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