Bangkok Bistro – The Best Thai Food This Side of Nakhon Phanom


Going east, that is.

Bangkok Bistro, located at 3251 Prospect Street Northwest in Georgetown, is simply amazing. My wife and I pressed through the crowd as Georgetown came alive early in the evening, and arrived at the restaurant just as a chill was settling in.

We were celebrating a wedding anniversary and had asked a parking lot attendant where there was good eating in the area. Parking lot attendants are good at this sort of thing. Plus, it’s romantic to ask the guy whose lot you are occupying for a restaurant recommendation. In addition, that $15 parking fee stretches just a bit further when you figure you have a walking Zagat guide at your service.

The Bistro was wonderful. The food was delicious, capturing all the deliciousness of an authentic Thai meal without all the raw sewage and old garlic smell you might get had you gone to Bangkok for dinner instead of Georgetown. I love Thai food and, having been to Thailand a couple times, have developed a sense of what is good and what isn’t, although I am still not able to replicate the really good stuff on my own stovetop.

Bangkok Bistro is the best Thai food I have had outside of Thailand. The service was fast and friendly, the restaurant neat and clean with a fully stocked bar. Friendly, polite staff, great food and warm atmosphere – everything I llike in a restaurant. The only thing they didn’t have that I wanted was some warmer weather, but I suppose they can’t be held accountable for that.

Definitely go check out Bangkok Bistro if you have a chance.

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