Six Apart Says “Hi”

Anil Dash Version 2.0

Yesterday I went to the Six Apart conference on business blogging, and while I didn’t learn new blogging tricks – I am a blogging expert of sorts – I did learn new and more efficient ways to promote blogging.

I even had an amazing amount of face time with Marissa Levinson to bitch about Moveable Type, Six Apart’s flagship product.

While enjoying the complimentary quality liquor open bar, told her that while I am a massive MT fan – all my personal blogs and even Metroblogging DC run on MT – I didn’t see any Six Apart love for it recently.

Amazingly, Marissa agreed. MT wasn’t the recent focus of Six Apart, but says it will be again – now. And she asked me for my top MT improvement recommendations. Being a blogger, you know what’s gonna happen next: My Movable Type Re-Mastery Recommendations.

I only wish Anil Dash was there to hear my rant. The slacker Chief Evangelist claimed a debilitating stomach bug and stayed in San Francisco.

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