Bangkok Blues – Great Food, Great Music, Horrible for Conversations

My wife and I took a friend to Bangkok Blues in Falls Church last night. Since arriving in the area, this has been one of my favorite restaurants and bars. Everything is low-key, they have music every night (see their calendar here)and the price is right for getting some excellent Thai food.

There’s just one problem with Bangkok Blues. The music is so loud that it’s often hard to hear the wait staff and each other. I am a big fan of blues, jazz, rock – well, almost any type of music – but the mixture of great food and loud music is a little over stimulating for me. Just when the peppers are doing a number on my tongue and I am trying to chase it away with a swig of their Bangkok Blues Lager, a trumpet blares a high note that would scare even Mariah Carey.

Definitely go check this place out, but if you want an intimate atmosphere it’s the wrong place. Go either before a show starts or else just go for the music and booze. The guitar-shaped bar is really something to see and I bet it could hold a beer as well as any other, so I plan on testing this theory soon, returning just for drinks and tunes.

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