WMATA Asking For Bus Line Input

Now this is a public announcement by WMATA – a flyer right in a bus stop on the bus route affected by a proposed change!

The flyer, announcing public meetings on the proposal to restructure Metrobus routes 30-36 is where riders that care will see it. Riders like the people milling about reading it last night, and thinking of voicing their opinion on splitting the 30′s bus line into two shorter lines to improve service reliability.

The 30, Wisconsin Avenue line, would run between the Friendship Heights and Federal Triangle Metrorail stations. The 32, 34, 35, 36 (Pennsylvania Avenue line) would run between the Southern Ave Metrorail station and Federal Triangle Metrorail station, and the Naylor Road Metrorail station and Federal Triangle Metrorail station. During peak hours, the 34 would run to Farragut Square to minimize transfers.

Regardless of your opinions on the change, give three cheers to Metrobus for making the effort to get its ridership involved! Let’s cheer the best way too!

Move back please!
Move to the rear of the bus!
Move back!

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