No Message = Wasted Efforts

I am always a fan of a good protest. No matter your cause, if you have some good yelling, visuals, and a message, I can appreciate your effort if not your goals.

With pro-union carpentry, I wanna be both pro-protest and pro-goals. With the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters I can’t.

Oh, and its not because I don’t like their cause, I love the cause. My Dad was a carpenter, and I used to work in construction. It’s MARCC that had a protest sans fliers and sans anything else message wise.

Really, I asked four or five people, including the guy who claimed to be in charge. No fliers, no website, only much noise. In fact, for not this protester’s sign, I might not know who, much less what the protest was about.

Next time, MARCC, get a message or go home.

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