It’s Official: Virginia is 57% Anti-Gay

Here’s the tally for yesterday’s Virginia State Marriage Amendment voting that denies civil unions, domestic partnerships and any “other arrangement” between same-sex couples that purports to bestow the benefits of marriage:

There you go, 57% of Virginians have permanently denied families of same-sex couples the legal protections and financial stability offered by civil marriage and the lesser benefits that could be achieved through civil unions, domestic partnerships or other forms of legal recognition.

And via a state constitutional amendment too. Like a state law wasn’t enought discrimination.

If you are gay and live in Virginia, let this be a loud a clear call to move north of the Potomac. While Virginia’s anti-gay war continues unabated, DC is way more welcoming to those of the homosexual persuasion.

First off, we kiss you! Then, you can get caught out at Stead or cruised on Match or at the Bling Bling Giant. Hell, we’ll even elect you (or two) to the city council.

So don’t put up with the outright discrimination and underlying hatred, come north, come to DC. We’re so liberal, we have hermaphrodic bass!

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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