You Know You’re at a Bad Concert When…

  1. People’s faces are glowing. You all know it – the cell phone glow. People are texting their friends to see what they’re up to, checking their Blackberry’s*, or calling their grandma in Toledo to see how they’re feeling. If there was good music playing, the cell phones would be safely stored in a secure location.
  2. The song you’re listening too sounds oddly like the last song (and the song before that). Unless you’re wasted of course, and then you may as well be listening to your little brother’s garage band.
  3. You can hear the crowd singing better than the actual band. “I…want to rock ‘n roll all niiiight…”. You get the idea.
  4. You can only make out every tenth word. “Blah, blah, blah…. screeeeeeech!!!…. rar rar rar!!… mmmm hmmm…. oh yeah…”.
  5. It takes the band as long to set up their gear as it does for them to play their entire set. Any truly good band has this stuff down pat, or has roadies to do it for them.

Am I missing anything?

* – If I could go back in time and politely get rid of the guy who invented the Blackberry, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

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