A DC Taxi Day

Only in DC, with its f~*ked taxi zone system would I have a taxi day like today.

First it was training day on a drive to NoVA. The driver could not find 1100 Wilson and ignored my clear directions.

He then refused to use the mileage method required of interstate drives, asking for a flat $20. Only at $10 did I agree.

On my way to a second meeting at Dupont Circle, I asked the driver to change destinations from the Circle itself to 19th and Connecticut, in the middle of the ride.

This taxi driver demanded that I pay double, as if for two trips. When I quoted the taxi rules to him, that its not additional unless we actually arrive at the first stop and I make him wait, he got all pissy. Rather than argue more with him, I got out.

Now tell me. Would I have either of those fare arguements if DC taxis had meters?

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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