DC Media Makers

I went to the DC Media Makers group at Biddy Mulligan’s on Tuesday night. Great turnout – about double the number of people I had expected.

A little background on the group: DC Media Makers is a group of local videobloggers who want to get together to learn from each other and enjoy each others’ company and friendship. Andy Carvin, Jonny Goldstein and I all moved here over the summer within a few weeks of each other and had known each other from a larger videoblogging community online. Why not start a local group, we figured.

We will meet on Tuesday evenings from 7-9 every other week. Anyone interested in joining us, please check out the site and subscribe to the RSS feed. We are not restricting this to videobloggers but are open to anyone interested in blogging at all or even just likeminded folks who are interested in video.

Come one, come all.

We are also in search of a meeting space. What we want is a place where we can talk, share our projects, plug in laptops and get onto a WiFi connection. We prefer a place where we could eat or have sodas or something. Any ideas? Please let me know!

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