DorkBot DC – Your Electro-Geek Connection

My friend Andy Carvin just alerted me to the ultimate Geek-Meet in DC this week: Dorkbot DC.

How geeky can something with the name “dorkbot” be? How about this description:

Dorkbot DC is a monthly meeting of artists (sound/image/movement/etc.), designers, engineers, students and other interested parties from the DC area who are involved in the creation of electronic art (in the broadest sense of the term.)

Or better yet, just check out “The Brainwave Chick”, Paras Kaula, who is a “neural artist”. Yeah, I don’t know what that means either, but she apparently uses brain wave frequencies to create visuals and music.

If this sounds like your crowd, and with enough drinks, its definitely mine, get your ass to Provisions Library this Wednesday from 7 PM – 9 PM and get your electro-geek on!

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