Make Way For Weirdos: Getting That Much-Desired Elbow Room on the Metro

I may have found out how not to feel like a squished fish in a tin can during morning and afternoon commutes. Recently I was recording sounds of the Metro with a small handheld digital recorder and noticed that everyone gave me quite a bit of room, although not without slightly freaked-out gazes.

Look – it’s small and I can hide it in my hand. Does it really look that dangerous?

The next time I wanted to record in the train I brought the same little recorder and attached a neck strap so it would look like any other MP3 player someone had dangling around their neck. Still people were freaked out a little. Maybe next time I will actually plug in headphones as well and fool people into thinking the little device really is what it looks like.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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