Seafood: Wasted on the Waterfront?

Waste. That is what I think when I see this amazing display of fish. The waste of the un-bought, unconsumed, uneaten seafood that died to spoil.

Can Washington DC really consume this much seafood via the Fish Market in Southwest? Will they really sell all that salmon, all those crabs, all the shrimp on display?

Will it not be shoveled into a trash bin, dumped, and lost from the ecosystem forever?

Such waste. It almost makes me want to vegetarian again. I was one once, for eight years, after I went scuba diving and saw the reefs from which these fish came. Or saw what was left of them. Scraped clean by trawlers for a market just like this.

And now here, in my own city, I see this display. Might this, and other displays like it across town, really be too much fish for one city?

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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