Where Will You Go Smoke Free?

Come this time next month, you’ll not be inside a bar, hacking out a lung. No, you’ll be inside the bar, enjoying Smoke Free DC while the smokers freeze outside.

With this victory for health, if only for your lungs and not your liver too, where are you gonna go? The folks over at Smoke Free DC have already started a “Where Will You GO?” list to see where the party will start.

I know the first place I’ll go (again) is Tonic, to cure what ails me: sobriety. I’ve boycotted the bar since it became an underground smokehouse.

That and I will finally count Wonderland as smoke free. While Monday Night Trivia Fight was on the “smoke free” second floor, the smoke from downstairs doesn’t stop at the stairwell.

Enough about my soon-to-be haunts, what will your new ones be?

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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