How Stupid Do You Have To Be

Okay, so this is last Friday news… and to those of you who read, it’s even older news… but it seems the news outlets finally discovered it and put a name with the nom-de-plume… although it wasn’t that hard…

You see, with the election season coming full-steam ahead, it seems a certain Congressional staffer wanted to change his grades at his higher-education institution so his resume would seem even more perfect (I never saw the original, but if it was paired with a stint at 7-11, he need all the help he could get). The soon to be communications director for Representative Denny Rehberg (R-Montana), Todd Shriber, contacted the caustic staff of Attrition to help him hack into the university computers of his alma-mater. Maybe because he didn’t read close enough (it’s official title is Attrition On-Line, not to be confused with America On-Line… which enough do)… but he got led along for months, including a request for photos of pigeons and squirrels

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Truly, if you want to see the quality of the folks who are running our country are hiring, read the full exchange (linked above). I mean, really… should we be requiring a “common sense aptitude test” for people applying to government positions. Granted, given the current crop of higher ranking folks, I think we’d have a 75% or greater vacancy rate if that was the case.

This kind of reminds me of the holiday “The Office” episode where they have Dwight waiting on the roof of the building waiting for a CIA helicopter to pick him up… but I figure more of them are employed in critical positions than we think…

UPDATE: He even now has his own Wikipedia entry… I’m waiting for it to become a verb, like “he really Shribered it…”

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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