“Tourists” On Car-Crunching NYE Rampage

NYE Biters, Not Breakers

While I wanted to make a New Year’s Eve DC Drunks Photo Pool, my own inebriation put me to sleep moments after midnight. And I hope the same happened to you if you were out and about in Adams Morgan Sunday night.

Otherwise, if you stayed out late and were wandering around the 2300 block of Ontario Road or nearby on Kalorama, the Adams-Morgan Yahoo Group and DC MPD might want to ask you a few questions.

The Adams-Morgan list is reporting serious late-night vandalism:

At about 3:00 a.m. some incredibly large, loud, drunk, and determined weekend visitor to our fair neighborhood took it upon himself to bash in the roofs of several cars on the 2300 block of Ontario Road and otherwise damage a couple of cars on Kalorama. Just a quick thumbnail estimate shows that this idiot did several thousand dollars of damage in just a few minutes.

No word yet on who or why but John Wilcox has a great shout-out to who he believes is the real culprit:

And to the helpful bartenders or wait staff of our tourist bars who helped this guy get so wasted, thanks so much. Hope your New Year is getting off to a better start than ours is.

Better yet, John is assuming the drunk destroyer is a “tourist”. No, not some yahoo from way out of town, but a suburbanite Mr. Incredible from NoVA or MD. And here I thought suburbanites were just “Bridge & Tunnels” not full blown tourists.

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