DC Blogger Summit After Party

Are you a blogger focused on DC? Did you know of the Washington Post Bloggers Summit next week? The meet-up on January 9th where the Washington Post will give us the digital love we deserve. And are you a cool kid with the cryptic invite:

“You have been confirmed for washingtonpost.com’s DC-Area Blog Summit.”

Now be honest, reading that invite, are you more excited that you’re invited to hobnob with Posties or meet local Bloglebrity?

I know why I’m going. I wanna see me some more hot DCist groupies and get up with manly DC Metrobloggers.

And to make it happen, I’m organizing the Blogger Summit After Party! Yes, come inebriate with your favorite local color starting as soon as the gig is up @ 9pm.

We’ll all be transferring the socializing scene from the staid surrounds of Post land for its perfect pair: The Post Pub.

Better yet, you need not a Post invite, or even a blog, to come inebriate with the best of us. Just be into hot DC bloggers and get your game on!

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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