Murky Coffee

I have to give credit where it is due. For the past several weeks I have been enjoying Murky Coffee at Clarendon. This place is where I wanted to be all my life, except for the lack of helper monkeys and free stuff. A better cup of coffee cannot be found in the area, as far as I can tell

For years I went to Starbuck’s and felt like I was dumbing down my world by ingesting such harsh, bitter coffee. They make their name by the stuff but I could never see how. It must be one of those fads I never understand, like people going nuts over places like P.F. Chang’s or Wolfgang Puck’s. They aren’t really bad places but they certainly aren’t that special either, in my estimation.

I discovered Caribou Coffee when I was in college at NCSU. They were certainly masters of the hot chocolate (and still are) but still lacked something in the coffee department. Their brew is a little milder than Starbuck’s but still has a bit of an edge.

Finding Murky Coffee was like a godsend. The coffee is full-bodied and rich but never harsh. The hot chocolate is rich as well but could be just a tad sweeter. All the same, it’s an excellent drink and topped with real whipped cream, not that canned stuff from the supermarket that teenagers do whippits with. Plus, the free wi-fi means I can spend quite a bit of time there, away from my office at home and can get some good work done as I sip a beverage of my choice.

Two suggestions to make Murky Coffee a better place. First: food. There really isn’t a great selection of foods, mostly just sweets and such. How about a nice selection of prepackaged sandwiches? Of course, they are probably banking on turning over seats probably once an hour or so, so having people eat and stay longer could really impact their customer throughput. Second: helper monkeys. Do I really have to go get my own napkins?

If you haven’t tried Murky Coffee yet, definitely go check it out.

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