Stalked by Fellow DC Metroblog Authors

Last night I got photographed by Wayan Vota, who showed up where I was having dinner, and today Tom Bridge stopped me at Murky Coffee, saying he recognized me from that picture. I feel like I have a good group of people I sort of know through various online communities and now they are coming out of the woodwork and becoming real instead of virtual.

Wayan and Tom are not the only two I have met recently after corresponding online for a while. I also recently got to meet Phil Shapiro, who is an author of children’s books and general IT guru, and Jill Foster, who is doing a really cool documentary called Living with Geeks. Both these people are active members of DC Media Makers, another mainly online entity.

Worlds collide! The online world and physical space I live in are intertwining in really cool ways. I think this is one of the coolest things about the web – being able to generate communities that start online and carry over to real human interaction. I know it’s nothing new and that this has been the basic operation model for online dating for quite a while, but it still thrills me to see these different worlds intersect.

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