Pfeiffer’s Hardware: The Sequel

Pfeiffer’s Hardware

Have you been in Mt Pleasant when you needed a key made or maybe a wing nut? Then you know what a lifesaver, what a destination Pfeiffer’s Hardware is.

With a great selection and better service, it’s the cornerstone of D.I.Y in my neighbourhood. And now that’s about to change.

Todd Pfeiffer, the owner of Pfeiffer’s Hardware, has put the hardware business up for sale:

Our best-case dream scenario is that we sell our business to someone (or someones) in the community who cares as deeply about the area as we do.

Maybe a cooperative of interested buyers, maybe a consortium of friends or relatives, maybe just the right individual. Who knows? But if anywhere on earth there is the drive, acumen, talent, and vision to structure a unique deal, it’s gotta’ be within this one square mile.

So…this is an open call for proposals. We are open to any ideas. Be creative. Ever flirt with the idea of running your own business? This may be opportunity knocking. A hardware store is a vital part of a vital community. We are looking to sell to someone who truly understands that.

So whatcha say DC wanna-be hardware store owner? You ready to pick up where Todd is leaving off? Just be forewarned: Todd was one of the most friendly and well organized shopkeepers in the District. You’ll have mighty big shoes to fill.

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