Only Ten Days Left to Vote – Act Quickly!

Your chance to choose the 2007-2008 Arlington County Tax Decal is coming to an end. Arlington residents have until January 19th to decide what the new design will be. Two of the four options have the Iwo Jima memorial, one of them having the clump of men erecting the flag stand in for the “A” in Arlington. I don’t care for this one, partly because it looks like it was done by a fourth grader and seems to take away from the solemnity I associate with that monument. The bubble letters don’t help matters either.

The other choices are a photograph of the same memorial, one of the Air Force Memorial and one of some flowers. What kind of flowers? I know I have seen them before but it’s been a long time since I got the forestry merit badge. Probably cherry, apple or some other relative of those.

At any rate, hustle on over to the voting site and cast your ballots. This type of contest sure does make paying taxes fun, doesn’t it?

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