MLK Weekend Track Work Changes Your Metro Map


If you use the Orange, Blue, or Yellow Lines, your Metro route is going to look a bit different through the MLK Day long weekend.

Switch work at Arlington Cemetery will close the Blue Line between Pentagon and Rosslyn stations, so the Blue Line will instead detour Northeast to join the Yellow Line over the scenic Fenwick Bridge, both lines converging with the Green Line in a threesome of transit ecstacy at L’Enfant Plaza up to Mt Vernon Square/Convention Center. In a grand surge forward, the Yellow Line will stick with the Green, faithfully standing by its mate well past Convention Center and Fort Totten, all the way up to Greenbelt. (Don’t you wish it was like that all the time?) Covering the Blue Line’s shortcomings for the weekend, the Orange Line will fork between New Carrolton and Largo routes till Monday.

So if you’re one of those poor souls who lives near Huntington or Eisenhower Ave stations but has to get to some place on the Orange Line west of Rosslyn so that you would normally have to make a Blue and an Orange transfer at Pentagon and Rosslyn respectively, take heart! Now you have just one transfer to make at L’Enfant — but more stations to sit through. Enjoy.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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