FCC Fine For Fox Football?

Okay, so I’m a bit of an Eagles fan due to some family ties. However, I’m sure Fox won’t drop football the way Clear Channel dropped Howard Stern when they review their broadcast for indecency. I caught this screen capture in the background on my Mac TV Tuner while watching the game. I wonder if the FCC will have a double standard on TV versus radio, especially when the audience for this broadcast is probably two to three times the size of Stern’s usual audience. (~8:37 in the first quarter of the game, lasted for 10 seconds between plays) They have a standard 3-5 second delay AND for satellite, you have even a longer delay. What’s your take on this? I choose to defer to George Carlin to make up my mind on this. However, will somebody sic the Parents Television Council on Fox? Second question for the guys… Perfect woman? (smokin’ body, into sports… and well, you can make up your mind about the rest…)

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