Another Dulles No-Check Baggage Victory

At the Dulles Airport check-in for my flight on Austrian Airlines to Vienna, I drew the agent having a bad day.

He wanted me to check my European legal sized luggage (smaller than domestic) and told my co-worker her purse counted as her only carry-on. He didn’t know I never check my bags.

Pulling a Jedi Mind Trick, I used a “Look at all my passport stamps” to show I flew enough to call his legal carry-on size bluff.

Then I hid my laptop bag down the counter until I walked away. Best yet, at the gate, I walked around him as he stopped another for bringing a roll-aboard and a laptop.

And guess what? We were flying a 767 with American sized overhead bins!

So a note to those headed to Vienna via Dulles: Pull a Wayan travel trick, store your bags with friends when you check in to avoid the Austrian Airlines Baggage Nazis.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

Married, mortgaged, and soon to be a father, Wayan Vota is in the fast lane to mid-life respectability – until the day his brood finds his intimate journal of global traveling and curses him with the ever-eternal reply “I’m gonna be just like you, Dad!”

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