CNN Travel “Discovers” U Street & Logan Circle

In thinking about Logan Circle or U Street, would you ever say “New life comes to once-gritty capital streets?

If not, don’t be too shocked, as I never thought that either. I see both areas as “challenged” or maybe “transitional” but never “once gritty”. Georgetown was “once gritty”, but Logan and U? Not so swank as to have the polite “once gritty” as a past tense suggesting they are clean and safe.

Now, that’s not to say I find either as dangerous places that I fear not tread. On the contrary, I spend much time in both and send my Mom on errands in either without question. But the CNN crowd might have a different anxiety level than you or I.

Why? Their recommendation of Busboys and Poets, the ultimate in Yuppie/Buppie over-sincerity. Yes, its a nice place, and the food is good, but don’t you find the populace to be a mite too earnest to be real?

Or even better, CNN’s recommendation of Viridian, that they so helpfully note has “dinner for two $64″. Whoa! At that price, I should be in Georgetown with general social-climber attitude that gives nosebleeds at 50 meters, not urban U Street.

No matter, I am sure that CNN meant well, and they might just attract a tourist or two with the article, but I only wish they would’ve gone past the flash or glam or famous and looked at other neighborhood loves.

Who will join me in a shout out to the New Vegas Lounge or The Caribe?

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