IMG_1251_st I can count on one hand — and with only two fingers on that hand — the number of times I’ve seen snow downtown this winter, and on no hands how many inches we’ve gotten out of those flakes. Well, that may be about to change, with CapitalWeather’s crystal ball showing a 70% chance of accumulating snow starting tomorrow afternoon into Monday morning. Sure, it might be just an inch, but still: snow! I’ve long held that winter cold is just not worth it if you don’t get at least an inch to make the city look pretty at least once through the season.

This may also mean bread and milk panic shortages, a 70% chance of snowball fights, and a slightly hellish Monday morning commute, especially if the snow turns to frozen rain and tops off the snow layer with a nice sheen of smooth ice. At least you’re not these poor drivers in Portland.

Weather-obsessives like myself can watch the snow approach on the NWS Northeast radar loop.

Update from CapitalWeather: Season’s First Snow to Strike with Light Accumulations. Remember, a 70% chance of snow still means a 30% chance of fizzle, which we’ve seen happen before.

Super Mega Snow Update: OMG SNOW.

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