Homeless Baggage Transport Engineering

When I travel, I travel crazy light. I am so minimalist, I never check my bags.

But even my economy pales in comparison to this traveler. They’ve compiled their entire existence into one shopping cart for total mobility.

Before you think this is sarcasm, be it known that I am truly in awe of many homeless people’s personal effects transport systems.

This is a very vertical arrangement, but there are others, horizontal, multi-directional, that are just as impressive. Feats of engineering to facilitate survival on DC’s rough streets.

Of course, they would probably rather trade daily wanderings with more sedentary, and secure, domiciles, but until then, for all my dislike of bums, I do give them this:

They are the master packers, baggage transporters extraordinaire.

This post appeared in its original form at DC Metblogs

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