An early spring… really?!

Bill Murray - Groundhog DayAs a former long time resident of Pennsylvania, I knew that we had two days that were very special, and almost totally unique to the rest of the country, the First Day of Deer Hunting Season (aka “Deer Day”) and Groundhog Day. Now the first was actually a state-wide holiday, where schoolchildren (at least in the 1980’s and earlier) were let out to join their fathers, uncles and grandfathers in the time honored tradition of weeding out the flock of Bambi and Bambi’s mother from the thick woods and countryside of PA. This is also noticeable by the stream of pickup trucks sporting gun racks heading north on the Turnpike from Philly.

The latter holiday, celebrated today, and co-opted by every other state in the union and most media outlets, is today in Punxsutawney, a burg outside of da’Burgh, Pittsburgh. As reported, he hasn’t seen his shadow, and was also seen sporting shades, a Hawaiian shirt, and Bermuda shorts because of the wacky weather which is now undoubtedly blamed on human-kind. So, bust out that DVD of Groudhog Day with Bill Murray and Andie McDowell and get your “Phil” of goodness before the big game on Sunday, even though the “Igles” or “Stillers” aren’t in it this year.

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