Beauty Reflected

There’s a magical time of day that comes just before sunrise and just before sunset. Twilight? That may be the term to describe it. It’s when the sky turns a dark shade of blue and the gradient is just amazing. Say goodbye to the harsh, scorching light of day and paint some romance into your photograph with the subtle, fading light of dusk or dawn.

I think this time of day goes strangely neglected in photography. Maybe because it’s such a short period of time? Maybe because it’s when you’re either asleep in the morning or eating dinner at night? The fact is, it’s a perfect time to get your camera out, especially when you’re photographing things like an outdoor Christmas tree, or a quaint plaza, and you want to see a silhouette of your subject. When the sky is pure black as it is when night has fallen, there is too much contrast and it’s hard to expose just right.

Fellow Flickrian ehpien has used this lighting to perfection here with his beautiful sunset reflection of the Lincoln Memorial. I don’t know about you, but I’d love a huge print of this hanging on my wall.

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